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These wonderful sugar cookies are my own personal Christmas Tradition. I've been making them for over 20 years and today I'm sharing the recipe and techniques with you.

There's a story behind how these cookies turned into Pop Art Diva cookies. When you cut out traditional Christmas cookie shapes on a rolled cookie you get a lot of left over cookie dough in a weird shape. Most people will take that and re-roll it out BUT each time you re-roll you add flour and the cookies become drier and tough. I'm a real fanatic about perfect cookies, especially when I go to this amount of work to make them and that bugged me.

One day I was looking at the shapes and saw some interesting designs so I just cut them up with a small knife, painted those up like abstracts and baked them that way. People loved those more than the traditional shapes AND it was actually easier than using cookie cutters so from that point on I called them Picasso cookies. When I trademarked my brand name Pop Art Diva I then started to call them Pop Art Diva cookies and my brand cookie was born!

I've tried to be as detailed as possible about my procedures and the painting techniques but a recipe card is a small (5"x3") area so if you have any questions just post them as a comment here and I'll try to help you out with your creative cooking adventure!

Enjoy! And let me know how you like them!


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  1. Leave it to Pop Art Diva to create gorgeous cookies out of dough scraps--and the regular way, too! I used to have decorating parties with my relatives after making holiday cut-outs. I love these cookies, almost more fun to look at than eat. I will try your recipe--eventually. Looking at my To Do List, it might be Christmas in July, LOL!

  2. I want to get a bunch of friends over to do cookies - then maybe I can con them into mixing and rolling out the dough for me, lol.

    If you do any sugar cookies at all do these - they are WONDERFUL! And you don't have to paint them or even do fancy shapes if all you want to do is eat them!


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