IT'S A VERY BEATLES CHRISTMAS - Beatles Christmas Recordings from 1963 - 1969

Did you know The Beatles sent out special Christmas recordings to their Official Fan Club every year from 1963 to 1969? Only members of their Official British Fan Club got all of these, those of us who lived on the other side of the Pond got edited versions or just postcards!

They're a mixture of the typical irreverence, humor, talent and creativity that was unique to The Beatles. I was lucky enough to have a friend in England who signed up for me there so I got copies of all the British releases and they were wonderful. I also signed up in the States. I wish I still had them - any of them, even the few U.S. edited records - but I don't.

These are not your typical Holiday Greetings so if you're a traditionalist listen with an open mind because you are not going to hear a traditional Jingle Bells or standard carol among them. Oh, you'll hear Jingle Bells but not in any way you've heard it before, lol. You will also hear - maybe for the first time - a Christmas song written by the Beatles. You will also enjoy a surprise or two.

In 1970 The Beatles' Christmas Album (U.S.) or From Then to You (UK), was released as a compilation album of these Christmas records and was released to the general public.

So, have a very Beatles Christmas today with these rare Christmas recordings from the Fab Four:

Here's The Beatles 1963 Christmas Record sent to their Official Fan Club Members. The first of 7 sent out. U.S. fans received an edited version.

The Beatles 1964 Christmas Record. In America we got an edited version of this with the record on cardboard. Guess we were sort of the poor white trash cousins of British fans!

The Beatles 1965 Christmas Record was recorded on November 8th and Released on December 17th, 1965. U.S. Fans did not receive this record! Such a bummer! We got a postcard instead!

The Beatles Fourth Christmas Record (1966) Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas is based on the Goon Show comic skits they'd grown up on as kids. (Another stinkin' postcard for us U.S. fans!)

The Beatles 1967 Christmas Record- Christmas Time Is Here Again! Recorded November 28, 1967 contains a new, real Christmas song by them. (Yup, we Yanks got shortchanged again!)

The Beatles 1968 Christmas Record was pieced together with separate messages from each Beatle as they were not speaking at the time. Tiny Tim guested! (Finally,we got a record - an edited version but better than a postcard!)

The Last Beatles Christmas Record from 1969 includes Yoko and Ringo designed the cover with the back cover done by by Zak Starkey, Ringo's son. (This last year of the records we American fans finally got an unedited version of the record!)


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  1. I love these. You can tell that they loved the Goon Show, especially Lennon.

    Of course, the Goon Show was what made Peter Sellars famous!

  2. I have a bootleg CD of all of the Beatles Christmas greetings to fans...you can definitely tell that the drugs they were experimenting with were getting progressively more hallucinogenic with each passing year!

  3. Wowza. Thanks for sharing these. Veddy, veddy silly.

  4. Thanks for sharing the Beatles Christmas recordings from 1963 -1969. They are really wonderful. I enjoyed the recordings very much.

  5. Richard - Being a Yank I've never seen the Goon Show and did not know that about Peter Sellers - one of my all time favorites, especially as Inspector Clouseau! "I keel you in a rit of fealous jage!" Thanks so much for the additional info!

    Pam - you're right, the recordings do seem to get more "creative" each year.

    Julia - They are wild huh? I hadn't heard them since I was about 14. I remember being entranced by them as a teen. I also loved John Lennon's poetry books - I still have a copy of "A Spaniard in the Works" somewhere tucked away though I can't find it!

    Hampers - You are most welcome. Kinda fun to listen to if not very traditionally Christmas like, lol.


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