When I Get Married - Has Hell Frozen Over Yet?

This week's Old School Friday theme is "when I get married" - that will be the day the Devil is wearing mukluks and asking Santa for hand warmers - but I can get into the spirit!

Just for a chuckle imagine the wedding I wanted as a little girl. My groom and I were tying the knot in front of Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland, Tinkerbell was my maid of honor and - with my luck - the groom was probably Goofy. I'm sure my mother would have wanted me to marry someone steady like Mr. Greenjeans but my heart was given to Dr. Kildare, though I would have taken Ben Casey in a pinch.

My wedding gown would have been just like Barbies - only magenta! My wedding colors would have been hot pink and purple and the ushers would have been in turquoise tuxes. Think Birds of Paradise, Honeysuckle (cause you can suck the sweet out of them), and garlands of daisy chains for the wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. For the wedding buffet I would have chosen beans and weenies, pickle sandwiches and popcorn with a cherry Kool-aid fountain!

My music? Oh, probably the classics:

This is the song that would have played as I walked down the "aisle" of the stone walk to the castle:

and I would have had my first dance with my new husband to:

My honeymoon? Where else? DISNEYLAND!

You are hereby cordially invited to my childhood dream wedding. Bring a heavy coat because hell will probably have frozen over.

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