When I Get Married - Has Hell Frozen Over Yet?

This week's Old School Friday theme is "when I get married" - that will be the day the Devil is wearing mukluks and asking Santa for hand warmers - but I can get into the spirit!

Just for a chuckle imagine the wedding I wanted as a little girl. My groom and I were tying the knot in front of Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland, Tinkerbell was my maid of honor and - with my luck - the groom was probably Goofy. I'm sure my mother would have wanted me to marry someone steady like Mr. Greenjeans but my heart was given to Dr. Kildare, though I would have taken Ben Casey in a pinch.

My wedding gown would have been just like Barbies - only magenta! My wedding colors would have been hot pink and purple and the ushers would have been in turquoise tuxes. Think Birds of Paradise, Honeysuckle (cause you can suck the sweet out of them), and garlands of daisy chains for the wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. For the wedding buffet I would have chosen beans and weenies, pickle sandwiches and popcorn with a cherry Kool-aid fountain!

My music? Oh, probably the classics:

This is the song that would have played as I walked down the "aisle" of the stone walk to the castle:

and I would have had my first dance with my new husband to:

My honeymoon? Where else? DISNEYLAND!

You are hereby cordially invited to my childhood dream wedding. Bring a heavy coat because hell will probably have frozen over.

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  1. I Love coming over here because it is always so much fun! Happy OSF Diva.

  2. ROFLMBO!! I LOVE the Chicken Dance! This would be one crazy wedding party in front of the castle!
    Great picks!

  3. Regina & Sabrina - come, bring a guest and a big present.

    I would have liked a Barbie dream house then but today just bring a nice outdoor grill - mine went kaput this week, lol.

  4. What a buffet spread!

    You would have been the prettiest magenta wearing bride at Cinderella's castle.

    Funny...Happy OSF

  5. What a cool and creative scenario--your pink and purple theme could certainly freeze the fires of hell! Any time you decide to "take the plunge," let me know 'cuz I'll be there. Your nuptials will be delightfully naughty and not to be missed!

  6. That sounds about right and I would expect nothing less!!

    Thank you for my morning smile :)

    Happy OSF!

  7. Hagar - what a spread indeed - although I suspect it would give adults indigestion!

    Eileen - just don't hold your breath, the reporting of my nuptials has been grossly exaggerated! Hehe!

    Soul - my dream wedding made you smile? I was quite serious 40 years ago about this scenario!

  8. I laughed all the way through this!

    You are so good at this!!

    Happy OSF!!

  9. You are so funny. I would love to come to your wedding should you ever decide to tie the knot because it would be a blast. :-)

  10. Marvalus - glad to give you a giggle!

    Verite - You are most welcome at my fantasy dream wedding should it ever occur, lol.

  11. I want to send 20 eligible bachelors your way just for a prayer of getting invited to this wedding someday, LOL! If you're really not eager to tie the knot, maybe you can find a good sport who would like to create a World's Most Outrageous Wedding Party with you. With the bride and groom roles taken, the rest of us could come dressed up as the other cast of characters: goofy gowned bridesmaids, lounge lizard singer, mom who thinks the guy isn't good enough for her darling daughter, dad worrying about paying the tab, etc.

  12. Joyce - I have often thought of having a "not really wedding",lol. You know, have the party but not the ceremony - get all the gifts and go on the honeymoon but never deal with the day to day marriage stuff!

    And you can test out appetizers and cakes before you get married for free!


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