RETRO MUSIC - From Group to Solo

Today's Old School Friday theme is from Band to Solo and I went right to The Beatles. I thought that George Harrison really got to shine in his solo career - my all time favorite recording of his was Got My Mind Set On You:

I thought about Paul McCartney too - but I can't decide if he actually went "solo" because of Wings - what do you think?

I was thinking about artists who got even bigger as a solo act and I immediately thought of Diana Ross who's first song after leaving The Supremes was Ain't No Mountain High Enough:

And then I remember Cher who got HUGE after becoming just Cher. (BTW, Sonny and Cher performed together for the last time on The Mike Douglas Show in the spring of 1979 singing a medley of "United We Stand" and "Without You".) Her first solo recording was actually before Sonny and Cher! It was "Ringo, I Love You" and she recorded itunder the name of Bonnie Jo Mason in 1963, even before she and Sonny were Caesar and Cleo! Does anyone remember that one??? You're gonna laugh:

You may remember her first successful solo hit after the breakup with Sonny better:

Who else got bigger after leaving their groups? Well, yup, Michael Jackson! His first solo attempt was Ben - the theme song for the movie about a rat. This video is Michael performing Ben on The Sonny and Cher Show. Remember how he looked back then?

Remind me, who else got bigger after leaving their groups?

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