Remembering Michael Jackson - The Pepsi Commercials

Today is retro commercials Monday here at the PopArtDiva blog and with the world still in shock and mourning over the death of Michael Jackson it seemed like a good idea to remember those wonderful, fun commercials he did for Pepsi in the eighties.

Do you remember this series from 1988?:

This was the one where his hair caught fire during the filming:

Here's a very rare Japanese commercial for Suzuki - long before all the plastic surgery. I think this one is from the 70s but if anyone has any more info on it, please leave me a comment.

This one from 1984 was one of my favorites - it features a very young Alfonso Ribeiro (best known as Will's cousin, Carlton Banks in Fresh Prince of Bel Air) as a Michael Jackson fan and imitator running into his Michael on the streets as he dances and impersonates his hero:

Michael Jackson could even turn a soft drink commercial into a full blown musical with story line and great soundtrack!

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