Are Baby Boomers Too Old to Twitter? NOT!

I'm a big Twitter fan and so I had to laugh the other day when another boomer asked me, "What's a twitter?" How do you explain Twitter to someone who can't even figure out e-mail?

Yes, the internet may be a "young person's game" but don't count us old farts out yet! You might be surprised at just how web savvy some of us are getting. Case in point, I not only Twitter but I have designed several products just for my Tweeps over at my Twitter Page (twitter.com/popartdiva) - just to show those young whippersnappers that they ain't shoved us into a six foot hole just yet:

Meet My New Zazzle Store for Twitter Fans:

There are four unique designs including:
I tweet there4 I M
I can say anything in 140 Characters
Tweet and Retweet
Follow Me @

My little window display allows you to stop motion, zoom in on any product, make a comment about the product, rate my products and click to buy right here!

So if you are a web savvy, boomer Twittering "older but wiser" citizen like me, click away and support a fellow baby boomer - Get a tee, an apron, a cup, a poster or even a bumper sticker and share your love of PopArtDiva aka TweetleBirdie and Twitter with one click!

And Follow me on Twitter!

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  1. I remember when I worked in the Customer Care department of my current employer, I had a customer on the phone who wanted to get our email newsletters but didn't have any knowledge about computers. Since he had a local library that had Internet access, I sent him a letter explaining how he could get a Yahoo email account. It's funny how we take for granted such computer terms as "mouse" and "cursor".

    Speaking of Twitter, I should write something this weekend because it's been awhile.

  2. Malcolm! Good to see you back again!
    Believe it or not I still come across people every once in a while who are computer illiterate though I can't figure out how they're coping in this "brave new world" where everything is computerized!


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