Will The Real Dr. Pepper Please Stand Up?

Has the original formula for Dr. Pepper been found? According to a story in the Associated Press, Bill Waters may have found the very first formula for what has become one of our favorite soft drinks, Dr. Pepper. While in the Texas Panhandle Mr. Waters found an old handwritten ledger from the late 1800s and bought it for $200.

As he studied the ledger he discovered the book came from the drugstore in Waco, Texas where the now famous soft drink, Dr. Pepper, was invented and the ledger contained a formula for "D Peppers Pepsin Bitters." He believes it might be a precursor to the Dr. Pepper pop formula.

Whether it is or isn't, it's certainly a fun story involving American pop culture and it reveals a little history on an American brand that has been part of our lives for over a century. The story caught my eye because I have been a fan of Dr. Pepper since a neighbor who worked at the company paid me for yard work with ice cold bottles of the unique soft drink. I'm right there with Forrest Gump, I could drink Dr. Pepper until I had to pee like a racehorse!

Now, here's the way I remember the bottle - with the 10 - 2 - 4, in a commercial from the sixties:

And, of course, here's the latest Dr. Pepper ad, featuring their newest flavor Cherry and Gene Simmons of KISS fame:

I'm a Pepper - wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?

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  1. When we were kids my parents didn't keep soda pop in the house. For a treat every now and then Dad would show up with a six-pack, (looking exactly like the old-school bottle in your pic), and we would savor every sip. Cool post on a cool subject. (I find myself hoping that it is the original recipe and hoping that maybe they will produce some bottles and market them in a creative way to the public.)

  2. Liz- I don't think you'd want to drink what that formula sounds like it would produce, lol. The bitters in the name alone would scare me off!

    Yes, like you our fridge did not see soda in it often. Pop was considered a very big treat. I still can't figure out how I got all those cavities - my Mom did not allow us sweets except on rare occasions. Probably why I love them so now!


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