Old Time Radio Shows - The Shadow, The Lone Ranger, Dragnet and More

I found the coolest sight last night where you can listen to great old radio shows from the thirties and forties. They are free to listen to online, the quality is a bit scratchy but it's kind of fun to hear the original Dagwood and Blondie (Arthur Lake and Penny Singleton) from the radio show, or listen to Benny Goodman's original 1937 radio broadcasts and there's even George Burns!

If you've never heard any of these old programs or were born into the television generation and not the radio generation you might also enjoy hearing some of these classic, retro radio programs and Saturday serial radio broadcasts. I was born after WWII - I'm a Boob Tube Baby - so I never sat around and listened to the radio with my family but I can now enjoy these great shows while as an adult:





Stay tuned and I'll post more as I find them!
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  1. What a find!!! I'm more of a TV generation person but I remember being in the car with my mom while she listened to the soaps over the radio. The one I remember she loved--anyone out there recall "Pepper Young's Family?"

  2. Eileen - I'd forgotten they played soaps on the radio and of course they did! My Mom was a big Guiding Light fan and then later DOOL (that's Days of Our Lives to you non-soapers, lol). She got me hooked for a while because she would never go anywhere with me until her "story" was over.

    Does anyone out there remember Pepper Young's Family? I had never heard of that one before.

  3. Hey Diva, I watch Dragnet everyday. Gannon is something else! I did not understand the little innuendos and things he would say when I was a youngster. Gannon is so funny to me. The things that guy comes up with :-)


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