Okay, this week's Old School Friday Theme is "If I were a boy/girl"? I'm a little confused but I think (after checking Malcolm's post) that you are supposed to put yourself in the place of someone of the opposite sex that you would like to be if you were the opposite of your sex????

Okay, I'm not too sure if I interpreted this right so I'm going to cover all the bases with this one, and you can read my explanation under the video:

Now, here's why I chose this particular video/song/talent:
  1. If I'm supposed to put myself in the place of a man I admire and/or would like to be - there ya are, my favorite man of the movies: Pierce Brosnan!
  2. If I was supposed to place myself in the shoes of a woman I admire - well, who better than Meryl Streep? Great actress, can sing with the best of them and she gets to make out with Pierce Brosnan!!! And he sings to her. And she gets to dress in cool 70s retro stage clothes and get all nostalgic over the old days and get paid for it!
  3. I loved Mamma Mia - I truly enjoyed the Abba inspired theme and music. This movie is just plain Memory Lane fun for those of us who lived through the 70s!
  4. Pierce Brosnan again - come on, who wouldn't want to be a gorgeous, Irish brogue speaking, blue eye twinkling Remington Steele/James Bond man???
Ah, if wishes were nickles I'd be rich and I could buy Pierce Brosnan - if only for one day and night.

Here's a link to the actual scene where Pierce is singing to Meryl - I would kill to be in her shoes here!
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  1. LOL @ buying Pierce Brosnon!!!!
    Great take on the theme. I have not seen Mamma Mia yet but I have heard great things about it! It is on my list of must sees!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Being "Remington Steele" or "007" ain't bad at all - LOL.

    I couldn't think of a song "if I were a boy," but being James Bond (Daniel Craig) is a sweet fantasy, maybe I should have posted the James Bond movie theme song.

    Happy OSF.

  3. Hagar'sD - the James Bond theme would have been classic! I'll bet every guy wishes he was 007 - whether it be David Niven, Sean, Pierce, Roger or Craig!

  4. Good one, Pop Art Diva. I adore Pierce--I'll have to check him out in this one.

    Happy OSF!

  5. Post - keep your paws off my Pierce! LOL. Ok, you can watch him in Mamma Mia but no touchy!

  6. "No touchy"...why am I giggling at that?

    Great twist on the theme...Happy OSF!

  7. Pierce is forever hot! Fell in love with him watching Remington Steele. And boy didn't he make a great James Bond?

    I loved the movie Mama Mia. Saw it in theaters and my kids gave me the DVD as a gift.

  8. This is definitely good to go!

    I haven't seen Mama Mia yet, but I have heard nothing less than great reviews about the film.

    Great Choice for this week's theme!
    Happy OSF to you!

  9. Sounds like someone is crushing on Pierce. I wouldn't mind being 007 myself if I were a guy. Great pick Ms. Diva. ;-)

  10. Marvelus - Glad to give you a giggle, lol.

    Verite - Yes, I loved him as Remington Steele too. However the producers of that show were the reason he did not become Bond earlier - they wouldn't let him out of his contract to play 007. But you can't keep a good spy down and he eventually won the role later to play Bond.

    mslady - you have to see Mamma Mia if you even have one single memory of the 70s - it's just too good.

  11. HeyShae - I've had a crush on Pierce Brosnan since he played Rory O'Manion on The Manions or America Mini-Series in the early 80s.

    Still am, though he and I are both nearly 30 years older now!

  12. You got it, my friend--Pierce is a cutie-pie! I'd be longing after him myself but know that the Pop Art Diva's got it all over me.
    I was lucky enough to see Mama Mia on stage and it was a foot-stompin', hand clappin', super celebration of our youth. Bet the movie is just as great and all the better because of Pierce.

  13. Eileen - I don't have it all over you in the looks department, I'm just "older, meaner and have more insurance" HAHAHAHA! Although I don't know what insurance has to do with it, I just had to paraphrase that line from Fried Green Tomatoes which I love!

  14. Mamma Mia is one of the many movies on my "too see" list. It would make a great double feature with "Muriel's Wedding". Any movie that features the music of ABBA has at least that going for it.

    I also liked your explanations for the choices you made.

  15. Malcolm - I can't believe YOU haven't seen Mamma Mia yet! Yeah, it's kind of a chick flick but, hey - anyone who loves retro will adore the music and that last scene after the credits! Don't miss it even if you have to take it out of the video store in a brown paper bag, lol.

  16. We love him not only because he is a great actor but because he is a great man too , something that we understood from the first time we met him , last summer in Greece, he was so kind and freindly with us.

  17. Brosnan's Fans - Lucky you guys!!!


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