Okay, this week's Old School Friday Theme is "If I were a boy/girl"? I'm a little confused but I think (after checking Malcolm's post) that you are supposed to put yourself in the place of someone of the opposite sex that you would like to be if you were the opposite of your sex????

Okay, I'm not too sure if I interpreted this right so I'm going to cover all the bases with this one, and you can read my explanation under the video:

Now, here's why I chose this particular video/song/talent:
  1. If I'm supposed to put myself in the place of a man I admire and/or would like to be - there ya are, my favorite man of the movies: Pierce Brosnan!
  2. If I was supposed to place myself in the shoes of a woman I admire - well, who better than Meryl Streep? Great actress, can sing with the best of them and she gets to make out with Pierce Brosnan!!! And he sings to her. And she gets to dress in cool 70s retro stage clothes and get all nostalgic over the old days and get paid for it!
  3. I loved Mamma Mia - I truly enjoyed the Abba inspired theme and music. This movie is just plain Memory Lane fun for those of us who lived through the 70s!
  4. Pierce Brosnan again - come on, who wouldn't want to be a gorgeous, Irish brogue speaking, blue eye twinkling Remington Steele/James Bond man???
Ah, if wishes were nickles I'd be rich and I could buy Pierce Brosnan - if only for one day and night.

Here's a link to the actual scene where Pierce is singing to Meryl - I would kill to be in her shoes here!
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