13 Things I Did As a Kid that Kids Don't Do Anymore

I was watching my neighbors children playing outside yesterday and it made me think of when I was a kid and the activities I enjoyed that seem to have gone by the wayside in the "play" repertoire of today's youngsters. So, here's my list of 13 THINGS I DID AS A KID:
  1. I played in the dirt and mud all the time! I made mud pies, I sculpted and I got messy, covered in dirt and enjoyed every minute of it. Today everyone is so freaked out about dirt - hey, I think all that dirt I bathed in and managed to get in my mouth may have given me my great immune system. I have had only one cold-virus-bug in over 30 years.
  2. I spent hours on our swing set. The higher the swing went the happier I was and I loved flinging myself off the seat at the highest moment.
  3. I played "hide and seek" indoors and out. I was the youngest and smallest in my family so I could crawl into places that my older siblings couldn't and therefore they never thought to look in my hiding places. If I could get out before they saw me I could use the hiding place again and again. I was lucky and never got locked in anywhere.
  4. I played Tag - I was fast so I wasn't "it" too often!
  5. I played Hop Scotch - I was lousy at it but it was an organized way to jump around and be goofy and get out all that kid energy I had.
  6. I played Jacks and Marbles. I sucked at both.
  7. I played Cowboys and Indians - I loved being the Indian because that meant I could dig into my Mom's make-up and paint my face like a "wild Indian". I would spend several days after getting my faced scrubbed to get the indelible lipstick streaks off my cheeks and forehead.
  8. Yes, I played "Doctor". It was what was considered sex education in the fifties. Hehehe.
  9. I watched violent cartoons. In my day almost all the cartoons would probably be considered "violent" nowadays. Mice bonked cats over the head, cats ate mice, goofy dogs fell off tall buildings, road runners watched as wil-e coyotes blew themselves up with dy-no-mite from Acme. I laughed my little butt off and yelled for more.
  10. I ate really sugary cereal without guilt, hyped myself up on sugar and then had to go outside and do all the other stuff on this list to blow off all the energy.
  11. I went Trick or Treating to strange houses that were dark and scary and full of people I didn't know giving out candy and goodies that could have contained all sorts of dangers.
  12. I rode my bike like a wild animal as fast as I could all over the streets of my neighborhood and I did it without a helmet.
  13. I got picked on by my older brother and sister. I hated it but it made me tough and taught me how to stand up for myself. It also taught me how to avoid trouble whenever possible!
Kids don't try any of these at home. Your moms will probably freak out because they're all considered "dangerous" in this day and age. I take no responsibility for any of you being this stupid or daredevil or "kid-like". But I'm sorry most of you won't ever experience some of these activities because to me they were the best part of childhood.

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  1. How true isn't it....I remember playing kick the can and all other kinds of games like that!

  2. we were lucky to grow up then :-)

  3. My expressions: I never did play kick the can but I sure played a lot of other games in the street!

    Janet - yes, I think so too. I'm glad I did not grow up in this age of fear and over-precaution.

  4. I remember these....and I do feel lucky to have grown up with all those freedoms. It is so different now. As Boomers I hope we can keep many of these wonderful memories alive by playing with the grandkids and encouraging them to get down in the dirt!!

  5. And jump rope! And pogo sticks. And hand-made go carts that had no steering or brakes.

    The girls also played, a sort of patty-cake clapping game with a partner. These had very elaborate, but fast hand movements. Do you know what I'm talking about? And, we also played a string game! A lousy string was all that was needed for hours of entertainment. The button game was like that,too -a guessing game with one measly button to make it work!

    No batteries. Woohoo!

    Thanks for taking me down memory lane, Diva!

  6. Cindy - I do remember patty cake and doing string tricks - thanks for reminding me! There's a ton more that I bet others will bring up that I forgot about!

  7. You're so right. Kids don't even seem like they are outdoors as much these days unless they are on an organized team. What about hopscotch and jumprope, riding your bike or skates all day? They aren't out and about like we used to be.

  8. ShaeShae - One thing I never did a lot of as a kid was roller skating - I fell on my butt to much, lol. Though I did take it up years later when in-line skates came out as they were more like ice skates!

    Yup, we spent most of our waking hours outdoors - at least our free ones that is. Fresh air was our friend!

  9. No kidding, this is exactly what I did growing up in the 80s. Strangely enough, my son is doing all of these things growing up here on the ranch but you know what? That's not typical in his 'group'.

    Ah the good ol' days!

  10. Oh yeh, patty cake and hop scotch and when I was little, double dutch was just introduced!

    Oh and go carts! We'd fly down the driveway with no steering!

  11. Just Me - I'll bet you have something to do with the fact that your son is having a childhood that isn't all circuit boards and CPUsage!

    I think many parents today have taken the easy route and just shoved their kids in front of some kind of monitor/screen babysitter! The fact that your son plays outside is proof that you are not a lazy parent!!!


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