Thirteen of my Art Tributes & Fun Parodies
on the
Heroes, Legends & Pop Culture Icons
of My Youth

13. THE LOST MUSICIANS OF MY YOUTH - John Lennon, Jimi, Elvis, Janis, The Lizard King, all gone too soon with music unheard.


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  1. What a great list. All legends who will be remembered forever.
    Happy T13!

  2. Yay Charlie Chaplin!

  3. John Lennon was such an amazing musician!

  4. Love them ALL!!! Great list Happy TT:)

  5. We love dorothy around here, too.

  6. This is the best 3 minutes I have spent in a long time. I just love it! Pulls at the hearstrings, especially the ending. You are getting more creatively brilliant by the day! Thanks, Pop Art!

  7. Adelle - they were certainly a big part of my growing up! How'd your book launch go???

    Nicholas - Honestly, his image is such an icon it's almost archetypical and so fun to work with artistically - I actually did two tributes to him - this one and a typical 4 image pop art.

    Janet - he was - did you know Yoko lit the Imagine Peace Tower this week in his honor?

  8. Lori - thank you.

    Jenn - and I'm quite fond of the Lollipop Guild too as well as the Cowardly Lion, the TinMan and the Scarecrow!

    Joyce - glad you liked the video, it has quite a bit of meaning for me personally, as well as historically.

  9. A great list and a great video. I loved seeing Captain Kangaroo! My cousin used to sing the Clarabell song to make me mad. Worked every time.

  10. I feel the same about #13. Especially miss Janis. I vaguelly remember Howdy Doody.

  11. Clara - How funny about your sister and the Clarabell song, lol. Man, sounds like my siblings growing up - someone was always picking on me cause I was the youngest and littlest!

    Colleen - for years I wanted to do a tribute to those rock legends of the sixties/seventies that died and I finally got one done. I really wanted to do a series and I still might if I get the time.

  12. What great icons. I love how you combined some and singled others out - like Sir. Paul! Certainly my first crush!

  13. Excellent!!!! But, now there is a particular song running through my brain at the moment and will probably stick with me all day....
    "It's Howdy DOOdy time, it's Howdy Doody time...."

    Mine are posted now...hope to see you there sometime if you can find a bit of your day to stop by! happy Thursday.

  14. Names that make the world go round. We'd be a poorer place if they hadn't been.

    My T-13

  15. Wow, I love just looking at your page. Good list by the way.

  16. Anni - Oh, sorry my post put the Howdy Doody song in your head! Here let me fix that,

    "My bologna has a first name it's O-S-C-A-R, my bologny has a second name it's M-A-Y-E-R. . ."

    Anthony - Yes, I agree. These people changed the face of our world with music, talent and accomplishments.

    Brenda - Thank you, glad you enjoy my graphics and design.

  17. Claudia - I group them if I'm feeling a theme - like "dead rock stars" or "tv cowboys".

  18. I love Pink Freud. Awesome! Happy TT!

  19. Rikki - just a take-off on Pink Floyd's Wall album, lol!

  20. Love John Lennon! But I have to say it - your Dorothy tribute was the best. I think you're probably right on the mark with that. Who'd want to go back to Kansas if you could live in Oz?

  21. Melodieann - At least I know you clicked on the links - you wouldn't have gotten the Oz one if you hadn't! A little tongue in cheek Kansas humor from an old Jayhawker!

    Thanks for stopping by.


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