This week's Old School Friday Theme is The Jacksons. Since I'm doing Oscar week here at the PopArtDiva Baby Boomer Nostalgia Blog I am going to post the one and only Jackson song to ever be nominated for an Oscar for Best Song - Ben. Ben did not win the Oscar but it has the distinction of being the first hit for Michael as a solo artist and it did win a Golden Globe. This one is a karaoke version of Ben complete with the lyrics - come on, let's all sing along:

Though Ben did not win an Oscar I though you might be interested in seeing a list of Michael Jackson's awards, the list is impressive. Whether or not he has become a stranger ranger in the last few years, he is definitely is a musical talent that contributed greatly to the music world and I will always think of him as that cute little boy who came bursting out of the Jackson Five with a huge voice and a huge talent.

As for my favorite Michael Jackson song - it has to be Thriller. Sorry, I loved it then, I love it now - great song, great video and it is a pop culture classic! Watch THRILLER in it's entirety here.

As for the Jackson Five I thought you might enjoy this rare video of them performing Rockin' Robin in 1972 on The Top of the Pops:

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  1. Thank you, you have chosen the only two Jackson 5 songs that I know and love. Ben, was such the cutest song, and the soundtrack made the movie...

    When we were little we would sing rock-n-robin as hand game, that and chitty chitty bang bang.

  2. I wouldn't mind seeing the movie "Ben" again because it's been years. They could show it as a double feature right after the original film "Willard".

    No apologies necessary for loving "Thriller". Woo hoo!

  3. Good pick Diva! Leave it to you to come up with an Oscar nominated performance! Enjoy your Friday!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea that song was nominated.

  5. I loved Ben...even after I found out it was about a rat.

    And I agree with Malcolm...no need to apologize for loving Thriller...it is STILL my favorite video and will probably always be!

    Happy OSF!

  6. No one quite captures it like you do Ms. Diva. I plead "no contest" on Thriller.

  7. MrsGrapevine - I'm pretty much a Michael fan but reading all the other OSF posts this week I find myself beginning to be converted to other Jackson music - an amazing family that produces an amazing amount of music, no?

    Malcolm - I always used to laugh at a movie about a rat, seriously, a RAT? But to each his own and Ben was a great song - rat or no rat, lol.

    Thanks - I can't help it, Thriller just thrills me - I truly think it's a classic.

    Pjazzy - Honestly I was a bit surprised I could only find one - and Ben at that. You'd have thought with all the music the Jackson's have created there would have been a few more nominations - but, if you read my post on Academy Award winning songs and soundtracks you'll read a story about me and Hugh Downs that will tell you exactly what the requirements are to be nominated for Best Song or a movie soundtrack.

    whenevawhateva - I'd completely forgotten about Ben - I was expecting a slew of other songs from the Jacksons to show up as at least nominated. Coulda knocked me over with a feather but refer to my answer above to Pjazzy.

    Marvalus - yeah, a song about a rat and an Oscar nominated one at that, go figure, lol.

  8. Rev - I thought I was gonna get so dissed for loving Thriller, lol, guess my taste is not as plebian as I thought.

  9. I loved Rockin Robin, and I liked Ben until I realized he was singing to his pet rat. That kind of killed it for me and I hated the movie.
    I think almost everyone loves thriller or at least knows the moves to it!

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