13 Reasons Not To Drop Your Cell Phone in the Toilet
  1. It gets wet
  2. It gets wet with - eeuuuwww! - toilet water!
  3. It stops working
  4. You can't get calls
  5. You can't make calls
  6. You can't read your Calendar or To Do List
  7. If you can't read your Calendar/To Do List you can't remember what the hell you're supposed to be doing because the phone is your back up brain.
  8. You can't text stupid thoughts to anyone
  9. You can't get stupid thought texts from anyone
  10. Which means you lose about 20 laughs a day
  11. You might have to replace it - and the damn thing cost over $200 bucks and you didn't buy insurance (which is stupid because the insurance is almost as much as a new phone anyway!)
  12. You're so addicted to being "in contact" all the time, 24/7, that you begin to experience withdrawal symptoms
  13. You have to use - OMG - a land line!
Please keep a good thought that my phone drys out completely and starts to work again soon, okay? In the meantime, does anyone out there have a nice, new iPhone they'll like to donate to me?
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  1. Well, your post produced some laughs and I hope your phone recovers soon! Glad it wasn't a shocking experience!

  2. Oh, dear--it wasn't toilet trained? Mine cell isn't wash 'n' wear, either. I found out they don't do well with washing machines, which is how I developed the habit never to carry my phone in my pocket anymore. There's nothing like the horror of knowing you killed it. I couldn't agree more about the insurance. You'd think the carriers would get wise to the fact that if they charged a reasonable amount, more people would buy it. They'd make much more than they do on the two people who haven't figured it out.

  3. Use your hair dryer to dry it. Worked for me when I did the same thing! Had a few quirks afterward, but was functional until it was time to get a new phone.

  4. Well, guys - it seems to have recovered somewhat. Yesterday it turned on - but I got the cell phone equivalent of the blue screen of death, then this morning it actually let me check my messages and later tonight it seems almost back to normal.

    I guess cell phones are like dogs - they hate to get wet, want to run out and rub dirt all over themselves first thing, pout at you for a day or two and then get on with normal life - whatever that is, lol.

  5. Wonder why they call cologne toilet water...hmmm....

  6. LOL, this could actually happen. Happy TT!

  7. My hubby dropped his cell phone once at the job site and ran over it with a forklift. There was no recovery for that poor phone. Glad to hear yours is faring better.

  8. Janet - well now we can call my Dash the Toilette phone, lol - still wonky today.

    Alice Audrey - oh yes, I did - darn thing fell out of my pants pocket when I was bending over and flushing at the same time! Dumb move.

    Brenda - It actually did happen - to me and I've got a weirded out phone now to prove it, lol.

  9. Bumbles- no, I think the forklift was probably the culprit, yes? LOL.

  10. Joyce - BTW - yes my phone was obviously toilet trained - it went right into the toilet without even being told to!!!!


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