Okay, I know you've been secretly digging through your kids or grandkids Halloween candy the last couple of days and I'll bet you stole the cherry Tootsie Pop!

All the kids in the neighborhood said Tootsie Roll Pops are triple good. Triple Good! Remember that? Were you one of the kids who ended up biting into the Tootsie Roll to get to the chewy center quicker? Yup, me too.

Here's a little nostalgia to accompany you while you furtively enjoy that purloined sucker - this one's right out of my childhood - and remember, don't bite that sucker now or you might break your dentures:

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  1. Not sure why but, the video didn't work for me.

    I love cherry tootsie pops but, haven't had one in ages. You have me craving one now. Luckily it's almost time for lunch so I can go get some.lol

  2. Sarcasm - Cherry was my favorite and I loved Tootsie Rolls so this was one of my favorite candies:

    Give Your Tootsie a Tootsie!


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