Old School Fridays: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Today is the birthday of MsMarvalus - the captain of this blog meme! She pointed out in her post that it is also the birthday of several other members of the meme, including Regina and I happen to know it was Malcolm's birthday yesterday because I did a live interview of him on my radio show Trippin' Down Memory Lane!

So, in honor of all your birthdays, here, singing the classic Happy Birthday song, is The Beatles!

This meme was developed by Marvalus View and Ms. Grapevine. If you want to join in on the fun, click here.
If you have any questions or something to say, please feel free to make a comment below. I always read and respond to all comments!

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  1. Hey popart! I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed your blogradio show last night! Consider me tuned in on a regular basis!

  2. Rock Chick - so glad you stopped by to listen!

  3. Thanks for the birthday wish! I'd never heard this version by The Fab Four until now.

  4. Malcolm - it was cool, wasn't it? I was fully expecting to not find any Beatles songs or use the one from The White Album. Happy Birthday again!

  5. Thank you for the birthday shout-out! We all share the same birthday: Malcolm, Ms. Regina, and I...isn't that too fabulous!?

    I love the birthday song...so cute!

  6. Thanks for the Birthday wishes! The beatles singing Happy Birthday is awesome!

  7. Missed your show. :(

    Beatles scare my 12 year old. If she gets too pesty, I can just find and play Beatles and she is out of there.

  8. MsMarvalus - I thought it was kinda cool, yeah, yeah, yeah (lol).

    Regina - You are most welcome and I hope you had a great birthday!

    Heidi - I cracked up when you said the Beatles scare your 12 year old, now I want to know why?

  9. Hopefully Pam and Vicki will see your blog since their birthdays are in November.

    I love anything the Beatles sing--they could sing a rockin' church song and I'd be jammin' to the Lord and rockin' to the beat :)

  10. Sure did like that rendition. Wouldn't mind hearing that in February when it's my birthday.

  11. Well happy birthday to all the birthday meme people...as you see I'm still new to the meme thing, but whatever it is, if it involves you, dear diva, it must be fun!

    Hugs, claudia

  12. Bev - surprised me when I found it - I was looking for a video of the birthday song on the White Album!

    Claudia - Memes are fun, basically a group of people who write on the same topic and then interact with others on the same meme group. Helps build traffic and content! This one's a kick if you like music.


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