RETRO COMMERCIALS MONDAY - Washing Dishes to Soften Your Hands?

Do you remember the days before dishwashers? Women had their hands in soapy liquid 3 times a day washing up the family dinnerware, glasses, cutlery, and messy pots and pans. Their hands would dry out from being dunked in harsh soap and water all the time.

Then the dishwashing liquid sellers got wise and started to claim their product made the skin soft and young! The thing that kills me about this commercial is I'm trying to figure out if this woman dunked her face in the Ivory to keep herself looking as "young, like her daughter"?

Growing up in the fifties we did the dishes by hand. Dishwashers were unheard of in my neighborhood. My sister, Patty, and I did the dishes together, she washed and I dried. Butthead, my brother, never had to do the dishes - he took out the trash. I would rather have taken out the trash but that was a "boy's job." Ah, the good old days of sexual stereotyping.

My mother even gave me instructions for what gets washed first!
Mom, "Terri, you wash the glasses first, then the silverware, then the plates and then, and only then, the pots and pans!"
Me, "Why, Mama?"
Mom, "Because you want the dishes you eat from to be clean and when you do those first the dishwater isn't dirty and greasy from the pots and pans."
Me, "Then why don't you just wash all the dishes under the faucet with the clean water?"
Mom, "Because that would be a waste of water!"
Me, "Oh. Then, couldn't we just buy new dishes every meal?"
Mom, "Don't be silly!"
All I can say is thank God for ModCons!

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  1. My mother gave me the exact same instructions on how to wash dishes. I'm glad to know it wasn't one of her unique quirks. Misery loves company! On occasion when my dishwasher has been on the fritz, the directions for hand-washing appear in my head like the litanies the nuns taught me. Think of the things I could learn, if I only had a machine that would translate things I really want to remember into my mother's voice or Sr. Mary Nagatha's! They could spout them out to me. Maybe I could download them into my MP3 player and make them portable. Probably no need. Once either of those ladies were in my ear, they were in my head, and as we have established, the information is immortal. If I can bottle it, I have discovered the cure-all for senior moments!

  2. Oh Lord, I miss my Mom a lot but I would not want to hear her voice in my head repeating all the stuff she told me when I was a kid!

    I'd rather just hear how she's doing, lol.

    Her voice is already part of my DNA!

  3. I hated not having a dishwasher growing up. Washing dishes was torture.

  4. Shae-Shae - yeah, it was a pain. I still have some very delicate glasses and dishes I still wash by hand, plus I always have that silverware to clean.


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