RETRO COMMERCIALS MONDAY - Halloween Ads and Commercials of the Past

We're coming up on Halloween - one of my favorite holidays - and I decided it might be fun to post some retro Halloween commercials for you. This one is a commercial for Halloween Costumes from Woolworth's from the 1970s.

Even Halloween costumes can be retro! Look at how they've featured Wonder Woman, The Hulk and Star Wars Costumes - all of those being the subject matter of television shows or movies at the time. You'll also get a kick out of the prices back then!

Do you remember going into the dime store and staring at the stacks of boxes holding these inexpensive costumes? Then how about wearing them? If you lived where it was cold your mother either made you wear a jacket over the costume, ruining the whole concept of dressing up, or you had layers of sweaters on underneath, turning your superhero into a fat blob! If you lived where it was still warm those costumes and masks didn't breath and you were running around Trick or Treating drenched in sweat! Oh, the joys of begging for free candy once a year!

Often Halloween masks were those of political figures of the day - I can't tell you how many Richard Nixons showed up at my door during the Watergate era! I'm wondering just how many Obamas, Hillarys and McCains will be Trick or Treating at my door this year?

Listen closely for the reference to Space Pops near the end. Wonder whatever happened to those?

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  1. Thanks for the memories of all things spooky. The costumes were great but the prices--well, they were astounding!

  2. Eileen - yeah, a loaf of bread costs more now!

  3. I have no real memory of dressing up as a character for Halloween but i do recall seeing all of the costumes in the five and dime stores and the kids who came by my house.

  4. Bev - I did have a few of those too, but I don't remember any of them, character wise. I just remember either sweating in them or having to wear them over a boatload of clothes if it was cold,lol.


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