OLD SCHOOL FRIDAYS - FRIGHT Song for Our Candidates

Okay, this weeks Old School Friday theme is "Fight Song For My Candidate". Since it's Halloween, I have decided to mess with that theme - just a bit, muhahahaha!

Frankly, I hate election years and I think most politicians are evil incarnate or at the very least, jackasses. By Super Tuesday I want to run for President myself just to highlight all the stupidity. By election day I'm so sick of all the lies, the back stabbing and the posturing I want to scream. Besides, all the debates mess with my favorite television shows!

So, with apologies to MsMarvelous and the other OSFers who have followed the rules - not something I am noted for - please accept my tongue-in-cheek post in the spirit it was intended - as poking a little Halloween fun at our political system, make your guesses which video refers to which candidate for President and Vice President, lol:

"Pledge allegiance" to the Black Widow - Alice Cooper:

Welcome to My Nightmare - Alice Cooper:

The Witch Doctor - Alvin and the Chipmonks:

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Halloween Song:

And For All You Retro Fans: Here's a little fun Halloween post with the entire broadcast of Orson Well's infamous War of the Worlds Broadcast on Halloween Night, 1938.


Join the fun at 4 pm (pacific), 6 pm (central) or 7 pm (eastern)!
This meme was developed by Marvalus View and Ms. Grapevine. If you want to join in on the fun, click here.

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