Thursday Thirteen #8 - Thirteen things I liked about school

  1. New School Clothes for the start of each school year - always included 7 new pair of undies which I could have cared less about.
  2. A Brand New Box of Crayolas, also for the start of school. Oh I loved my crayons - the big box of 64 especially.
  3. A Brand New Set of Prang Watercolors, again at the start of the school year. The beginning of my life long obsession with art.
  4. School Paste (Yes, I ate paste once on a dare - it tasted good! No, I did not get sick but I never did it again!)
  5. Holiday Craft Projects - I was a whiz at crappy clay ashtrays and macaroni scultpure!
  6. A Few Teachers - but not my kindergarten teacher!
  7. Being on the Crossing Guard Patrol - absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  8. Thanksgiving Vacation - Food
  9. Christmas Vacation - Food and presents!
  10. Easter Vacation (What they call Spring Break now) - More food and chocolate bunny ears!
  11. Recess
  12. The Three O'Clock Bell!
  13. Summer Vacation!
And just to provide a good balance - here are a few of the things I hated about school:

Valentine's Day (the stress over possibly not getting any Valentine's at all was fierce!), the boredom, gym class, the Principal's Office, Dodge Ball (what evil villain ever thought that was character building?), clicques, bullies, having to eat my lunch alone in an empty school room when every other kid went home for their P,B & Js.

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  1. Nice Thursday Thirteen! I used to love the new box of crayons too. I get all excited when I buy a new one for my boys!

  2. PopArt, I absolutely loved my 3rd grade teacher. I loved creative writing class. English classes and anything that had to do with literature (American Lit, English Lit, Mythology, etc) I was on the Debate Team. So, I was a total Geek. Not a popular kid, so didn't get to eat with the popular kids at lunch time, so ended up alone eating my PB&B sandwiches by myself, usually with my nose in a book at the same time.

    Actually, I did like my kindergarten teacher. Her name was Mrs. Couch. I still remember that, because we'd all ask to sit on her.

    Thanks for the memories.

  3. los angelista - as an artist I still love getting a fresh box of "crayons" - I can't go into an art store without wanting every single set of felt tip pens, colored pencils and every single color of paint, lol.

    Vicki - you sat on your teacher?? LOL.

    I played with these little tiny plastic tiles and made designs with them at lunch. They were from little kits of "mosaic by number" toys and I would ignore the canvas in the kit. My mother decided to take all the tiles from all the kits and put them in a jar and I'd find them in my lunchbox.

    I was happier with those little tiles than anything else in my lunchbox - including the desserts!

  4. Good post! Hey i found a site that you might like, baraaza.com

  5. Your comment about not liking your kindergarten teacher made me laugh. I couldn't stand the art teacher at the second elementary school I attended (nobody could).

    Although I never ate paste, I recall some classmates who did. Personally, I was more of a Play-doh type of guy.

  6. Malcolm- Hee Hee, your Play-doh comment make me laugh!


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