Yes, it's Retro Commercials Monday again but I just had to say how happy I was to see Tommy Smothers get an Emmy for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour 40 years after the fact! Congratulations and it's about time! This was a big win for all Smo Bro (Smothers Brothers) fans!

Okay, and now a word from our sponsors! This video is fun because it has clips from multiple commercials that have some great legends of television - all selling something. Keep an eye out for William Bendix, Rod Serling, Roy Rogers, Morley Safer, Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and others:

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  1. I have this montage saved in my You Tube favorites. My fave part is the Joey Bishop/Joe Besser promo. I love it when Joe Besser says, "Not so fast!"

  2. Yeah, I loved the "top candy coated cereal" in the Roy Rogers part - back in the day that was a good thing, lol.

    I had the hardest time remember Chuck McCann's name - drove me nuts until it popped into my head this morning! Check out the link for some really fun stuff on McCann!


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