RETRO COMMERCIALS MONDAY - Cigarette Ads, The Danny Thomas Show

Unlike today, when I grew up cigarette ads were common on television, many cigarette and tobacoo companies were the major sponsors of televisions shows! Below is an ad featuring Danny Thomas as the spokesperson for the American Tobacco Company and 2 videos of the pilot episode for The Danny Thomas Show. Note the tobacco leaf behind the credits and on the first part of the pilot. Later, they even have Ogden Nash selling Lucky Strikes. How times have changed!

BTW, for you younger visitors, Danny Thomas is the father of Marlo Thomas of "That Girl" fame. Danny's daughter was played by Angela Cartwright (younger sister of actress Veronica Cartwright) who later starred as Penny Robinson in Lost In Space!

In this first part of the pilot for The Danny Thomas Show listen for a reference to the Hopalong Cassidy show!

Part 2 of the pilot episode:

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