OLD SCHOOL FRIDAYS - Road Trip Songs, Route 66 Here I come!

To me a Road Trip always brings to mind the car trips my family took when I was a kid. We would pack our bags, load our road snacks (and the dreaded Folgers Can) and pile into our '55 Chevy and head out for the "open road" on our summer vacation to visit relatives or see the nation and get educated.

One of the most memorable car trips for me was our drive from Kansas to California in 1963. My father had been transferred and we were moving to California! My folks decided that the cross-country drive would be a nice vacation and a great way to see the country. I believe they may have regretted that decision afterwards because my brother - hereinafter referred to as Butthead - and I sang "California Here I Come" almost the whole trip. I think my parents wanted to kill us or at least tape our mouths shut. We were annoying little travelers, but we saw the country!

We took the famous "Mother Road", Route 66, for much of the journey as part of our trip. We stayed at motels that are now a part of history, ate at diners that were part of Americana and saw the fading glory of what had been, and still is, the most famous road in America. Roadside attractions beckoned and we stopped at them all. We saw the Petrified Forest and the Grand Canyon and we bought obligatory souvenirs to mark the memories. Butthead always wanted something that would shoot or make noise, the better to bug me with during the rest of the trip.

What made this trip infinitely more "cool" for Butthead and myself was one of our favorite television shows during this time (1960 - 1964) was "Route 66". Butthead and I pretended we were Buz and Todd - we were in our Chevy (not the red Corvette but it was a Chevy!) gettin' our kicks on Route 66! When we weren't singing "California Here I Come" we were singing or humming the theme from the "Route 66" TV series. My poor, poor parents.

Here for you are some singers infinitely more pleasant to listen to performing the "Route 66" Theme:

Buz and Tod in their Red Corvette:

Here's the theme music I remember from Nelson Riddle and some of the sights I saw along the famous Mother Road:

1. Anyone can participate; any music genre
2. Old School is defined as music created before 1999
3. No offensive words allowed, please use edited radio version
4. Post a video of your favorite Old School song to take us back down memory lane
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  1. Interesting picks! I was on Old route 66 last week...I'm glad to be back home!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Regina - there's a good stretch of 66 in Arizona that still has some of the original motels, and a few places in Albuquerque too.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Your choices are always awesome...love the theme and tie-in!

    Happy OSF!

  4. Hey, Ms. Pop Art--

    Loved your post on route 66. Yes, I was a big fan of the show, but I did used to call Martin Milner "Martin Mildew" a thoroughly unique take on his name I'm sure! Anyway, I've never actually been on route 66 so I appreciate your memories from good old 1963. Thanks!

  5. You know Route 66 still comes on one of the channels in my area. I tried to listen to the various versions of the song but it wouldn't play on my computer.

  6. Ms. Marvelous - the minute I saw your theme Route 66 popped into my brain - probably because I'm always writing about the past, lol.

    Feisty - Hahahah "Martin Mildew".

    Beverly - I've been watching a lot of old shows on Hulu.

    Sorry bout the videos - Saturday is tough when trying to watch YouTube, try again after "peak hours"

  7. I enjoyed hearing those versions of Route 66. I used to have the Rolling Stones version on cassette compilation called "The Story of the Stones".

    I used to watch "Route 66" all the time when it was part of Nick At Nite's lineup in the 1980s. That was one of the best written/acted TV dramas ever.

  8. I liked Route 66 but I was more a fan of 77 Sunset Strip and Kookie - Butthead was the big Route 66 fan, lol. And 'cause Butthead was bigger than me he had control of the TV dial (no remotes in those days for us!)


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