OLD SCHOOL FRIDAYS - Karaoke?? Ok, Have a laugh at PopArtDiva singing Retro Karaoke!

Today's Old School Friday Music is Karaoke. So I thought I'd share some karaoke I've done on MySpace for fun.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a singer, I am an artist so with that in mind have a laugh on me and enjoy (if possible with me singing!) some retro music!

My Rendition of Patsy Cline's CRAZY:

My Recording of the Theme from GILLIGAN'S ISLAND:

Hahahahahaha, hope you had a giggle!!!

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  1. Oh brave soul... My one and only karaoke performance was never captured on video or camera. I'm sooo happy. LOL

    Happy OSF.

  2. Shae-Shae: Thanks for stopping by!

    What the heck - never claimed to be a singer and I'm a heck of an artist so it's a fair trade off, lol!

  3. LOL! I am singing right along with you!!
    great choices! Especially Gilligan!

  4. Regina - thanks, hey all in fun, huh?

  5. Terri,

    I couldn't open up the player for some reason but I had to smile when I saw that you sung "Crazy" by Patsy Cline. Pam and I sang that song during the Girlfriends Pajama Party in Daytona Beach. Fortunately for us, no one recorded it! :)

  6. I'd say you'd better add singing to your long list of talents. You, my friend, have a great voice!

  7. Bev - It's a great old song and it's fun to sing - I should probably keep my singing limited to the shower and traffic jams, lol.

    Eileen - only a good friend would be kind enough to say that, lol! But thank you and I hope your ears recover soon!

  8. Much obliged for stopping by. Don't be a stranger. I think this is great! What better way to show you love for karaoke than to show yourself. Talk about brave! Wonderful!

  9. SJP - Maybe brave isn't the word, maybe stupid is, lol!


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