It is the end of an era in films. Paul Newman, the man with the piercing blue eyes, passed away early this morning after a long battle with cancer at age 83. He was surrounded by family, friends and the loving thoughts of millions of fans around the world.

For me Paul Newman was an icon. I grew up watching his films and being mesmerized by those blue eyes. Those eyes that we were all so in love with were, in fact, color blind. This kept Mr. Newman from becoming a pilot in the Naval Air Corp.

I think my favorite film of his was Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid but, frankly, it's pretty hard to choose a favorite film from an actor with his range and talent. I also loved him as Fast Eddie and I'll never forget him in Cool Hand Luke, who would?

He once said that he never read his reviews,
"If they're good you get a fat head and if they're bad you're depressed for three weeks,"
He was an actor, a race car enthusiast and driver and, according to those who knew him best, a great practical joke advocate. He once had a Porsche wrapped up in ribbons and parked in Robert Redford's hallway. According to one story I read he was (allegedly) was expelled for crashing a keg of beer into the president's car at Ohio University.

He was also a great humanitarian. He created Newman's Own, a food product company dedicated to natural ingredients where all the profits are donated to charity. Yes, All The Profits!

The only bottled dressings I buy are Newman's Own because they are absolutely the best and because, as the website says, it's "Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good". Now, that is the best corporate slogan I've ever heard! Truth in advertising - add that to Mr. Newman's best qualities!

He loved beer, fast cars, making movies, good jokes and we loved him.

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  1. It is sad to lose someone who was so talented, caring, and philanthropic. The fact that he stayed married, since 1958, to the same woman is incredible, because he could have had any woman in the world.

    This is a lovely tribute to him.

  2. Hi Pop Art Diva,

    How sad. He was a wonderful man and leaves an incredible legacy.

    I used to drive by his house in Connecticut sometimes when I was a teenager. It was cool to think that he was behind the hedges doing something amazing with his wife, sipping lemonade or some other movie-star thing!

    Thanks for a great post in honor of an incredible man.


  3. Pam - Yes, one marriage in Hollywood is another amazing feat to add to this incredible man's accomplishments - but Joanne Woodward had an equal hand in that accomplishment, a truly gifted woman in her own right!

    Sally - If he was sipping anything in those days it was more likely beer - he loved his beer and admitted so on more than one occasion.

  4. My heart hurts with Paul's loss, and I agree--we don't see enough long, devoted marriages in Hollywood. My prayers to Joanne and all of his family, including his extended family of fans. It's hard to imagine the world without Paul Newman.

  5. Joyce, I agree, it is hard to imagine a world without Paul Newman.

  6. It's a testament to Paul Newman's greatness that nearly every blogger I know did a post in honor of him. I just found out on Saturday that Paul also co-wrote a book called "Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good".

    Nice tribute Pop Art Diva. Also, great job on the Paul Newman header for this post!

  7. Malcolm - I didn't know about the book - now I'm going to have to get it and read it - I just love that title!!!

    Yes, I believe Paul Newman was probably one of the most loved actors every to come out of Hollywood.


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