Thursday Thirteen - 13 Canceled Television Shows I Miss

Thirteen Canceled Television Shows I Wish Were Still On:

1. The West Wing - This was the White House I wish we had.

2, The Sonny and Cher Show - I watched just to see what Bob Mackie outfit Cher would be wearing.

3. The Smothers Brothers Show - Edgy, political, irreverent and subtle. Very sophisticated and funny even if you didn't get the inside jokes and the daggers of political jabs. The SmoBros were the best - my favorite, The Yo-Yo Man. Mom always like you best! www.smothersbrothers.com

4. Moonlight - This was the hottest vampire I've ever laid eyes on! Crap, canceled after a few shows. Where am I going to get my hot vampire, Mick St. John fix now????

5. Dynasty - An hour of guilty wallowing in the soap opera land of the super rich, super bitchy and super should pads!

6. M.A.S.H. - How could you not love a show that had it's main character, Hawkeye, distilling gin for martinis in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital - this is how you make Suicide Painless! (The theme song, in case you didn't know, is "Suicide Is Painless")

7. Taxi - Danny DeVito made this show a must see for me - God, how I loved Louie DePalma.

8. W.K.R.P. in Cincinnati - What a cast of characters - the only one who bugged me was Gary Sandy's Andy Travis and those tight bell bottoms he always wore. I guess it was supposed to be sexy, but it always looked tacky to me. Do you remember this line, "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." God what a bunch of funny goofs!

9. Monty Python's Flying Circus - With John Cleese and Eric Idle, my two favorites on the show. This was and still is an original of originals! Here's a little sample in case you're too young to have seen it:

10. Sledge Hammer - The silliest, stupidest half hour of television that I watched faithfully week after week "Trust me, I know what I'm doing". This one tickled me and I still do not know why. Maybe it was the theme song?

11. Absolutely Fabulous - Edina and Patsy, sigh.

12. Brooklyn Bridge - This was a wonderful family show set in the 50s by Gary David Goldberg, who also produced Family Ties. Semi-autobiographical for Goldberg, This show made me think of home - and I did not grow up in Brooklyn, I grew up in Kansas, but the sets made me think of home. Plus the theme song was wonderful, performed by Art Garfunkel (Simon and Garfunkel) it was beautiful.

13. AND FINALLY, LAST BUT NOT LEAST STAR TREK! I want my Spock, Captain Kirk, Scotty, Sulu, Uhuru and Chekov!


Here's some outtakes - sure, we've all seen them before, but I swear to God, you'll still laugh:

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  1. I used to love watching "Sledge Hammer"... Thursday nights on ABC! Funny stuff, plus a kick ass theme song!

    As for your hot vampire fix, I hear that many of the young ladies have it bad for Edward Cullen (the bloodsucker in the Twilight books). Since he's physically looks like he's 17, you might be verging into "Mary Kay Letourneau" territory.

  2. I hadn't heard of Edward Cullen so I googled him - way, way too young and pretty for me. Give me my Mick St. John anyday!!!

    LOL at Mary Kay Ketourneau!!!

  3. You have some gems here :-D I miss Taxi too! I actually played the theme song to the show a couple of weeks ago. What a stellar cast!

  4. I use to love MASH, WKRP in Cincinnati, Dynasty, and Star Trek.

    I use to think Capt. Kirk was HOTT!! LOL

    Great 13...

    Visit me @ poeticgenesis.blogspot.com

    If you've never heard of the songs, just press play and experience a bit of my past!


  5. Hey great list of shows! I used to love Sonny and Cher--what memories. I miss all those variety shows like Carol Burnett and Flip Wilson--they were always a riot!

    I was totally bummed to hear CBS was not bringing back Las Vegas this year, too! I loved that show! Totally cheesy, but oh so fun, too!!!

    Happy TT!
    Jessica The Rock Chick

  6. Yup, during the original airings I was a Captain Kirk fan, but later I decided Spock was the man, lol.

  7. Yeah, I liked Vegas too -especially when they added Tom Selleck!

    And here's some news: Tom Selleck is going to be on Dancing With The Stars - now I gotta watch that!!!

  8. OMG! I thought I was the only Monty Python fan left in existence! And a Trekkie to boot! You are a woman after my own heart!

    And thanks for the heads up on Tom Selleck. I fell in love with him when I was stationed in Hawaii. Every once in a while we would catch a glimpse of him while he was filming Magnum on location in Waikiki. I only hope he can dance as good as he looks or I'll be devastated!

  9. Melodieann - yes, Monty Python fans are a rarity these days - though I discovered they are airing or will be airing the originals on PBS - I saw an advert there the other day.

    I suspect Mr. Selleck can be quite graceful - big guys can surprise you. Brendan Fraser danced on Mrs. Winterbourne and he was a joy to watch!

  10. Hey, Ms. Pop Art--

    Loved your choice of shows and made me think of my own. I miss the early years of Murphy Brown and the Cybill Shepherd show, "Cybill." Those highlighted our generation of women, aging and spirited. Too bad the networks pulled both shows when each star hit fifty. They must have feared that the gals would get downright feisty and scare the males off the set!

  11. Let's see, here are the shows I miss:

    1) Laugh Inn
    2) Julia
    3) Burke's Law
    4) 77 Sunset Strip
    5) Bonanza (Little Joe was awesome)
    6) The Flip Wilson Show
    7) The Courtship of Eddie's Father
    8) Hawaii Five-O
    9) The Twilight Zone
    10) St. Elsewhere (Denzel, need I say more!!!)
    11) Room 222
    12) Room 227
    13) A Different World

  12. Feisty - Yes, I liked those shows too - especially Cybil.

    Maybe the networks will finally get smart and realize what a ginormous demographic the baby boomers are and bring them back!

  13. Beverly - You really had some good ones! How could I have missed the Twilight Zone and Laugh In?

    I was a Pernell Roberts fan during the run of his time on Bonanza - Little Joe was too pretty for me, lol!

    You mentioned A Different World and I preferred it's parent show Cosby! I love Bill Cosby.


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