Proving that you can make people laugh without being "blue" (cursing). When I was growing up these were the people who made me laugh and still do - and I never learned one swear word listening to them!

1. Red Skelton - My favorite as a child. I loved Clem Kadiddlehopper

2. Bob Hope - Always a gentleman, always funny. Thanks for the memories! (This is his famous "Democrat" line)

3. Uncle Milty - Milton Berle - No one looked funnier in a dress - not even J. Edgar Hoover!

4. Jackie Gleason - How Sweet It Is!

5. Jack Benny - Well, I never! And he could play the violin - not well but he could play! I loved his deadpan face and his signature stances! Watch this one with a very, very, very young Johnny Carson!

6. George Burns - Funny for a century! Say Goodnight, Gracie! Take a close look, that sweater salesman is W.C. Fields!

7. The Three Stooges - Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck is not cursing! But I did learn how to boink and poke from them, lol! Slowly I turn!

8. Charlie Chaplin - hey, he didn't even have to talk! Folks these is where Robert Downey Jr learned that routine in Benny and Joon:

9. The Keystone Cops - caught them in reruns, nothing funnier than clumsy cops!

10. Johnny Carson - His dry wit and sophisticated humor kept me up at nights. This is probably one of the funniest moments on the Johnny Carson show - do not miss Johnny's quip at the end - it's classic Carson:

11. Bob Newhart - Just his expressions could crack me up. Add him to Dean Martin and Ann Margaret and here's what you get:

12. Abbot and Costello - Hey, Abbotttt! Here's their famous "Who's On First"

13. The Smothers Brothers - Mom liked you best! Political? Yes! Dirty? No! My whole family would sit down and watch The Smother's Brothers Hour. They came out of the folk singing generation and this clip shows what took them from the Purple Onion to Network Television:

And, for a special treat, here's Tommy doing Johnny Carson on one of the last Johnny Carson shows - his impersonation is uncanny!

I hope you had as many laughs as I did watching these! And not one dirty word in the bunch.

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  1. OMG! I LOVE Red Skelton and Bob Hope. Used to beg to sit up late and watch Johnny Carson. And the Smothers Brothers would make me laugh till my sides hurt. As for George Burns - well I had a pair of black labs named, you guessed it, George and Gracie! Thanks for the memories - and a reminder that a joke does not have to be full of "four letter" words to be funny

  2. melodieann- you are welcome for the memories! Doing this post was a real pleasure for me - I spent hours on YouTube watching old movie and tv clips!

  3. My mom loved Abbot & Costello. I think I watched them often as a kid.

  4. Jackie Gleason is my FAVORITE...

    I watch the honeymooners count down EVERY YEAR!!! Love it!

  5. Jenn - We used to be able to watch their movies on the weekends in the 50s. Now it's hard to find any of these great old comedians and comedy teams - though I finally went up a notch on my dish programming and get a couple of the classic movie networks, whoohoo!

  6. Ms. Behaving - I'd hate to have to choose!

  7. I wonder why comedy can't be plain funny anymore?

    I especially like Bob Newhart and Red Skelton. :)

  8. Joyce - I've thought about that too and I've come to the conclusion that
    many comics take the easy way out for a laugh and just go for shock value instead of having to come up with an original and funny view of the world.

  9. Thanks for you comments on my blog. Now, I'm looking forward to my future Yorkie more than ever. ;-)

    I confess that most of these were before my time, but I loved Johnny Carson the newer Bob Newhart Show.

  10. Kris - And thanks for coming here and commenting! You're going to love your Yorkie!
    Well, I have to admit that Charlie Chaplin and a few others were a bit before my time too, but we got them as reruns on Saturdays on TV!

  11. Simply excellent! I remember most of these classic gems. Thanks for reminded me of Red Skelton and Jackie Gleason, two of my absolute favorites.

  12. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy many of the comics you listed. However, I think the era in which many of these acts were popular (pre-1970) dictated the language that they used in films and on TV.

    When I was on vacation last month, TCM did a 95th birthday anniversary tribute to Red Skelton by showing his movies all day. I wish I had a blank DVD so I could have recorded some of those!

    Earlier this month, TCM (as you might know, my favorite channel) screened Charlie Chaplin films all day. I watched a couple of them and was in awe. I wrote a post about it as well.

    The Three Stooges are near the top of my list of all time favorite comedians. Although my mother couldn't stand them (she referred to them as "those silly-ass Stooges"), she used to laugh watching me laugh at their antics! If I ever get to a point when I don't find them funny, I'll know that I'm officially old.

    If I have time, I am going to pull out my DVD set of The Abbott and Costello Show. Excellent post!

  13. Malcolm - yes, the times did dictate the styles and the language. But my point was they were still funny within those extremely restrictive censors in those days.

    I think sometimes comedians take the easy way out and go for the cheap laugh instead of actually working on some clever and funny material.

    I think my Mother would have agreed with your Mother, but man I loved the Stooges when I was a kid and they still make me laugh.

    I had so much fun getting the videos for this post.

  14. it was wonderful even just to see their names. PopArtDiva, you are a jewel as you spend all the time putting these bits together!




  15. Sally - it was time well spent and very entertaining for me so it was not a chore at all!

    I just hope it brought as much pleasure to my readers as it did to me to post it!

  16. I wrote a long comment and then blew it by hitting the wrong button and poof! It's gone.
    The long and short of it is - thanks for your visit last week for TT.
    And I thoroughly enjoyed this post.

  17. Oh Amazing Gracie, I'm sorry you went to all that trouble for nothing! I've done the same thing time after time when posting a comment!

    Now I make sure I copy my comment to my clipboard before hitting a button!! Especially when I really get into the comment!

    Thanks for your efforts of stopping by again to comment! It's appreciated!


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