Proving that you can make people laugh without being "blue" (cursing). When I was growing up these were the people who made me laugh and still do - and I never learned one swear word listening to them!

1. Red Skelton - My favorite as a child. I loved Clem Kadiddlehopper

2. Bob Hope - Always a gentleman, always funny. Thanks for the memories! (This is his famous "Democrat" line)

3. Uncle Milty - Milton Berle - No one looked funnier in a dress - not even J. Edgar Hoover!

4. Jackie Gleason - How Sweet It Is!

5. Jack Benny - Well, I never! And he could play the violin - not well but he could play! I loved his deadpan face and his signature stances! Watch this one with a very, very, very young Johnny Carson!

6. George Burns - Funny for a century! Say Goodnight, Gracie! Take a close look, that sweater salesman is W.C. Fields!

7. The Three Stooges - Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck is not cursing! But I did learn how to boink and poke from them, lol! Slowly I turn!

8. Charlie Chaplin - hey, he didn't even have to talk! Folks these is where Robert Downey Jr learned that routine in Benny and Joon:

9. The Keystone Cops - caught them in reruns, nothing funnier than clumsy cops!

10. Johnny Carson - His dry wit and sophisticated humor kept me up at nights. This is probably one of the funniest moments on the Johnny Carson show - do not miss Johnny's quip at the end - it's classic Carson:

11. Bob Newhart - Just his expressions could crack me up. Add him to Dean Martin and Ann Margaret and here's what you get:

12. Abbot and Costello - Hey, Abbotttt! Here's their famous "Who's On First"

13. The Smothers Brothers - Mom liked you best! Political? Yes! Dirty? No! My whole family would sit down and watch The Smother's Brothers Hour. They came out of the folk singing generation and this clip shows what took them from the Purple Onion to Network Television:

And, for a special treat, here's Tommy doing Johnny Carson on one of the last Johnny Carson shows - his impersonation is uncanny!

I hope you had as many laughs as I did watching these! And not one dirty word in the bunch.

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