I REMEMBER WHEN: Burns and Allen - Timeless, Clean Humor

Play the Theme from The Burns and Allen Show.

Gracie Allen died this date in 1964. This brought to mind the classic comediens and humor of my childhood. Red Skelton, Jackie Gleason, Burns and Allen. I remember when comedy was funny and clean, when it took real life and showed us how funny it could be without assaulting us with offensive language, sexual innuendo or references to violence and mayhem.

Burns and Allen was one of the favorites in our house. George Burns played the strait man to the slightly confused, ever funny Gracie Allen. Burns wrote the comedy, Allen delivered it with great timing, wit and a wholesome sense of fun. Gracie Allen was the inimitable "ditsy" blond. Her comments and thinking processes confounding George and bringing laughter to households across America in the 1950s.

Burns and Allen started in Vaudeville in the 1920s, then radio, movies and then to that new medium, television, with The Burns and Allen Show. The Burns and Allen Show ran for 291 episodes, from it's debut on October 12, 1950 to 1958. Many who have not seen the show have certainly heard their famous closing lines - George, "Say Goodnight, Gracie" to which Gracie always simply replied, "Goodnight" not, as legend has it, "Goodnight, Gracie".

Born in July in San Francisco somewhere between 1895 and 1906, Grace Allen performed with her sisters as Irish folk dancers known as The Four Colleens prior to meeting George Burns.

Though Gracie always claimed she was born in 1906. her crypt marker shows her birth as 1902 and a U.S. Census shows her birth as July 1895. Because of the great San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906 all city records were destroyed. Gracie would say she was born in 1906 but had no birth certificate to prove this because of the Great Earthquake. When it was pointed out that the earthquake was three months prior to her supposed birth date she would say "Well, it was an awfully big earthquake."

If you really want to see some totally clean, funny bits and enjoy some timeless humor watch the following YouTube clips. Now, Say Goodnight, Gracie!

Gracie Learns French:

George and Gracie:

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  1. Sorry that I'm a couple of days late. This meme has possibilities. I occas. watched the Burns and Allen Show when CBN used to air reruns in the 1980s. I caught it a couple of times when TV Land showed it briefly a few years ago. I just found out that most of the episodes were lost when someone at the studio decides to save space and disposed of most of the recordings. According to Wikipedia, only 40 episodes of the show survive. That's a shame!

  2. Malcolm - thanks for stopping by - again!

    Yes, and a lot of classic television was lost in a fire many years ago. I truly applaud those who are doing their best to archive and transfer old film to new technology for posterity!

  3. I will try to get over here on Wednesdays! I love this stuff as you well know!

  4. Pjazzy - yeah, the retro tv shows are so much fun. I spend hours on YouTube watching them for my Thursday Thirteen post this week too. YouTube is addictive!

  5. Yes Pop Art Diva, You Tube is very addictive. I wanted to ask, will you be providing a weekly theme for the Wednesday Meme or will we come up with our own theme weekly?

  6. Pjazzy - I would like to leave the theme open for the I REMEMBER WHEN meme.

    I want people to feel free to rummage through their own memories of their past. One of my slogans is "You can go home again" and this is my way of helping people do just that!

    This also provides for a wider range of posts and more interest, don't you think?


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