Below is my new quiz for all you pop culture retro commercial fans.

And this image is one of my designs you can get on fun gifts at my PopArtDiva Boutique. (Yes, that was my commercial - nothing's free anymore, huh?!)
1. It's not nice to fool _ _ _ _ _ _-_ _ _ _ _ _!
2. Please don't squeeze the _ _ _ _ _ _ _!
3. Charlie says "Love my _ _ _ _-_ _ _-_ _ _ _ _ _" (HINT - Candy they still sell at movie theaters!)
4. You'll wonder where the _ _ _ _ _ _ went when you brush your teeth with _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!
5. Who's slogan was this? "Look Ma! No cavaties!"
I'll post the answers early next week.

Now, a couple of fun commercials featuring the Monkees (man, these guys did a lot of commercials!)

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  1. 1. Mother Nature
    2. Charmin!
    3. Good and Plenty
    4. I think it's Pepsodent. (it rhymes!)
    5. Crest

    Did I just age myself? LOL love the videos!

  2. Terri--
    How do you come up with this stuff? You never cease to amaze me! I thought I'd get all of the commercials right but totally blanked on a couple of them so will check back next week.

    Also, those Monkey commercials were great but where was Peter Tork? I know someone who went out with him once and then wrote a column about it. Even though it took place a few years ago, he was still quite a studly monkey!

  3. I have to stop taking your quizzes. It only reminds me that I'm either way too old or I spent far too much time in front of the television. Loved the Monkee videos! I must admit I was quite smitten with Davey Jones and Michael Nesmith when I was a girl.

  4. I only knew 1, 2 and 4 in your quiz. I tried playing the You Tube clips, but I got messages that both are no longer available. I saw some of the commercials they made after Peter quit the group. Were the ones you posted for Kool-Aid (with Bugs Bunny) and Nerf?

  5. ROCK CHICK - answers coming next week - I'm not giving anything away!
    I don't think that knowing these answers necessarily means you're 50+ - some of these jingles have become pop culture classics and all ages have been exposed to them. But if you get all the answers on all my quizzes right then you're definitely a really old pop culture freak like me! :)

    FEISTY - My brain stores the most trivial of stuff. I can't remember what I got up out of chair to do half the time, but I can still sing the entire theme of "Cheyene" (a fifties tv western starring Clint Walker), plus about a hundred others! Makes you wonder exactly where my mother dropped me on my head, huh?
    As for Peter Tork I think he had left the Monkees at the time of these commercials.
    BTW - did you know that Michael Nesmith's mother invented Liquid Paper? Read this post on my Road to Diva Blog - there's also a great story on how actress Hedy Lamarr contributed to our current cell phone technology!!!

    Melodieann - knowing this stuff does tend to make you wonder how much time you wasted in front of a tv growing up, doesn't it? Davy Jones - yes, every teenybopper in the sixties loved Davy Jones. Remember him showing up on the Brady Bunch to surprise Marsha, Marsha, Marsha?

    Malcolm - #3 is not that easy - it's kind of an obscure commercial reference. I have to make these a little hard or everyone would get all the answers and where's the fun in that? I'm sorry the videos didn't work for you - I just clicked on them both and they played for me so try again.
    The first commercial is a Kool-Aid commercial done with Bugs Bunny (!) and the second one is another Monkees/Kool Aid ad with them coming out of a big clown's mouth.

  6. The commercials are playing for me now... thanks.

  7. I'm glad that knowing these doesn't mean I'm 50+ because I'm only 42 LOL But I'm hanging on the lower end of 40's for dear life :) I'm really enjoying your quizzes! Keep em coming!!!!

  8. RockChick! Oh, to be 42 again, sigh. I'm heading into 60 screaming all the way - I just can't figure if I'm screaming backwards or to the future, lol!
    New quizzes will come, be assured!


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