Remember the song "Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing? Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?" by Pete Seeger? It made me wonder where had all the hippies gone, long time ago!

I looked around one day at all my peers, other folks of the baby boom generation, and I realized we had turned into the one thing we swore never to trust - the over thirty establishment. Not only were we well over thirty we had turned into people who drove mini-vans and SUVs, wore suits and paid the electric bill on time.

What happened to the kids who had such passion to change the world? Does growing up mean giving up? Does becoming adult mean giving in and joining the establishment instead of trying to change it?

I wonder how those kids would have looked at the "hanging chad" fiasco in Florida, what would they have done about our involvement in the Middle East? How would they have dealt with the monster increases in gas, food and heating costs? What kind of protest would they have started about the social security crisis?

I have to wonder what they would have done because the adults they turned into just seem to be rolling over and taking it laying down. Sad days for old hippies, sad times for America.

Where have all the hippies gone, long time ago?

We wore hip huggers, love beads and had long hair
Rolled doobies and burned incense to "clear" the air.

We had love-ins and turn-ons and rallies for peace,
While our peers were off fighting in the very Far East.

The radio played tunes from Beatles to Stones,
While we turned on and tuned out the establishment clones.

Where once we were young, so defiant and bold,
We now watch the world pass and we do as we're told.

And isn't it sad we don't still have that fire
That changed the whole world with just a desire?

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  1. Speak for yourself girl! hehe.. I'm more passionate about life, love, my environment and the pursuit of peace than I ever was in my youth. Maybe I'm a late bloomer..

  2. What a nice way of expressing yourself! Words, art, music,,,,,,,

    I felt like you were singing to me in every paragraph!

    Would love to see some of your stuff in person some day.

    Have a great weekend,



  3. This post raised some valid questions. A few years ago I heard the following quote by Winston Churchill:

    Any man who is under 30 and is not a liberal has no heart; and any man who is over 30 and not a conservative has no brains.

    I guess that means I have no brains.

    It would be interesting to interview former hippies who are now part of the establishment and ask them what made them change. For some, it's probably a simple matter of economics. For others, the answer might not be as simple.

    By the way, I really liked your poem too!

  4. Karlyn- I think many boomers are passionate about life but I wonder what happened to the fire that was evident in the sixties? Maybe we "stoked" them until they turned into embers, lol.

    Dr. Sally - thank you! I find I express myself better when I have all the senses to play with, lol. Enjoyed visiting your website, BTW!

    Malcolm - Churchill was a very astute fellow, the quote seems to fit the cycle of youth to adult, even with the boomer generation.

    My favorite quote of his (though I've heard it in many variations):

    "Madam, I may be drunk but I'll be sober in the morning and you'll still be ugly."

    God I love that quote. But I replace "ugly" with "stupid" most of the time I use it. I just can't bring myself to call anyone ugly - stupid I could use ten times a day, lol.

  5. I don't have any brains, either! LOL I realize that I looked at life through rose colored glasses when I was young. The reality is, we have been passive for too long. We have been too welcoming to everyone to make a life in the land of the free. We have been "laid back" to the point that we have lost many of our freedoms. Our country is in a very precarious position with no new leadership of quality in sight. It's quite scary.

  6. Anonymous3:05 AM

    I would like to say I totally agree with you that the hippies that started the environmental movement in the 60's, 70's have not followed through. Just look at the world today. They got their degree, got the money, and are the leaders and entrepenuers of today's world and as far as the environment goes it is almost to the point of no turning back. All the values and beliefs they had they have not carried out when they did get into the position to where they could really do something. Hypocrites.
    And, yes, they got the money alright and now that they are living "comfortably", the hell with the world. They got what they want---maybe a country home with a big garden (that's thing the today, you know)and are where they want to be----in the country (even though many are city folk). But, the environment, they let go to hell and haven't put forth an effort. I call it following through. It was just a cool thing at the time. Maybe not for all, but for most. Those are the ones who run the world today---well you can see the results. I went to a lecture by Dr. Lewis of CAl TECH. He has all kinds of awards in chemistry, etc. and has been giving his presentation for six years. It is on energy and replacing it with renewable energy (especially from the sun). But, he said it is improbable at his point to turn things back and fix the problem. And, if we don't start right today (that means with legislators, economists, etc.--everybody---) and have total commitment it will be impossible to turn this thing back. Picking up a piece paper, etc. isn't going to do it in the long haul. It may help somewhat in your local area, but all the facts, statistics, and evidence he shows, that in 50 years it is going to be bad and never will be the same again by then, but we now have one last chance. And, I believe it. He got into all kinds of things and energy like geothermal, hydroeletic, hyrdogen, and on and on. Take nuclear energy, for example,----he said we'd have to build a reactor every other day for 50 years to just balance things out and it may not even do that. With water as an alternative we would have to have an equivalent of (I don't if it is 3,000 or 30,000 Niagra Falls-sorry-)Niagra Falls to cover it and it still wouldn't. It makes one become very realistic to the reality that it isn't going to be done. It is such a huge scale (the business as usual problem) that we are dealing with that it needs an urgency like the Manhatten Project or the Apollo Space Program. He goes for the solar energy that will only do it if we are to reverse this by 50 years. And, since his presentation started 6 years ago the problem has tripled.
    But, my point here is who and what caused this today and where are those people (most of them)that had all this energy and zest and ambition and whatever for the good of the world.
    You are right---they have become exactly what they set out to defeat. Once they got the money, they changed and you can't change them back---it is too late. They have been taken over and they are old now, etc. Thank you for your time. I am a hippy of the 60's and 70's.
    Dr. Lewis website to search this out is: http://nsl.caltech.edu/energy.html


  7. Dear T.D. - Yes, we are in serious trouble with our natural resources.

    However, I do not believe that the baby boom or sixties generation is solely responsible for the state the world is in today. Rather I would suggest that it is a cumulative build up of many generations of people thinking only of what is convenient at the moment and a lack of forward thinking.

    The point of my post was not to lay the blame of the state of the world now on anyone. It was, rather, a personal view that time and the vagaries of life had dampened the passions of my generation, though this might be an inevitable process of aging. Maybe passion and protest is a game of the young.

    In posting this, it was my hope that my generation could gather enough of their past passion to remember their ability to question and to demand better, then pass that on to the generations that follow us. In this way we could still be true to the spirit of our youth and possibly bring some positive change to the world.


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