Although I'm still uploading my Pop Culture Art from PopArtDiva.Com on the store and on all the cool products, there are quite a few images already available on fun merchandise. I'm adding about 10 more images and lots of fun products on each every day until I'm finished!

There are several sections including:
  • Pop Culture,
  • Pop Art,
  • Just 4 Divas,
  • Martini & Cocktail Art,
  • Just 4 Kids,
  • Road Trips,
  • Mad Masterpieces,
  • Histerical Historicals,
  • Inspiratonal and Abstracts!
As I create new art I will add it to the store where you'll be able to get my art on cups, tees, aprons, pillows, tiles, magnets and other great pop culture inspired goodies! Then I'll post a link here when new art is added or I have specials.

Stop by and browse the PopArtDiva Boutique and send me feedback and feel free to browse the current products - remember Father's Day is coming up and you need to plan ahead for shipping!


  1. Yes getting my cafepress store up and running took a while! I did the premium shop cuz like you, I wanted everything to be available! For some up and coming things in my pipeline, the free press will be just fine though... Terri, help me here figure out how you hotlink your photos to your site? I was disappointed in cafepress' banner and image links and want to build my own like you did but I can't seem to wrap my mind around making a photo 'hot'! HELP! I'm going to study your sites as you've done a lot of great stuff to promote yourself!!

  2. You have to use some html or css code in cafepress - the problem is if I put the code in here it will work like it's supposed to and you won't see it but the link will work, lol.
    I'm going to your blogspot profile to see if there's an e-mail contact for you and I'll contact you with my phone number and e-mail and we'll link up and I'll give you some codes and some good html tutorial sites too.
    Terri aka PopArtDiva

  3. Here's another piece of trivia about the Brooklyn Bridge---they were a singing group in the 70s. Their big hit was "Worst that Could Happen" it was a tear jerker about a guy who was loving the love of his life to another man. Remember that?

  4. Bev - I do! Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge "Girl I heard you're getting married...."

    I'm going to post the video for those who might not remember - it was a classic!


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