Dear Television Network Executives:

In case you haven't noticed, the biggest demographic in the WORLD is baby boomers! That's right, us old farts are the majority age group now. You may thank the baby boom after World War II for that little statistic.

And just so you know, we watch a lot of television and we watch it when young people are out of the home doing other things besides watching the boob tube.

So get a clue and start running some of the great old television programs and movies from the fifties and sixties - hey even from the forties! We love the stuff, we're getting really nostalgic because that's what old fuddy duddies do, and we would love to see some of our favorite classics from the olden days.

Oh, btw, we have a lot of disposable income because we've paid off mortgages, we don't spend money on dating anymore and we don't waste cash on our kids anymore because (hopefully) they're grown up and paying their own way now. So, just think of the advertising revenue for cheaper programming (reruns cost less, come on, we all know it!)


  1. From one old fart to another--

    RIGHT ON!!! They better start paying attention to the most bodacious generation ever. We want our reruns and we might just start dusting off the old picket signs and head for the TV studios! Grey power rules!

  2. Excellent points on your part. TV execs need to realize that just because something is new, doesn't mean that it's necessarily better or good period. Your post reminded me that I haven't been to Hulu.com in awhile. I think I'll watch some episodes of "Ironside" and "McHale's Navy" this weekend.

  3. yes, well, we have 2 kids left at home - one pays her way, the other keeps finding excuses for not getting work. But she complains about not having money. I wonder how long she has to hurt for before she does something about it? :-D

  4. Eileen, my feisty diva bud, you'd think they would have figured out that the biggest dollar demographic is the over 50 set - even the government realized that our generation was so big it would break the Social Security bank and took corrective (albiet unpopular) measures. Crap, now I gotta wait until 62 to get some of my tax dollars back! Just hope I make it there with enough memory left to remember it's my money I'm getting back, lol!

    Malcolm - Hulu.com??? Well, that sounds like an interesting site and I'm going to go take a look right away - I'll get back and post a review next week for all my readers! Ironside? My Mom would have loved the internet if she got to see reruns of Ironside!

    Kathiet - I don't get the kids now - I couldn't wait to get out of the house and on my own! I started saving money at 16 to buy furniture and household items like coffee pots, etcetera. I didn't want a crummy apartment filled with second hand stuff because I was too young and stupid to plan ahead, lol. I had a blast filling my first apartment - worth all the babysitting and icky diaper changing!


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