The BROOKLYN BRIDGE is 118 years old!

The Brooklyn Bridge opened today in 1883. Not really pop culture, but it reminded me of a tv show I used to love - BROOKLYN BRIDGE - starring Marion Ross of Happy Days fame. Do any of you remember that show?

It was a really quaint and funny little hour series from Gary David Goldberg (of Family Ties) about a family in Brooklyn in the fifties. I think it was kind of autobiographical for him. Nice little show that only ran two years - probably because there were no car chases or sex. It did win a Golden Globe and it was nominated for an Emmy so that gives you an idea of how good it was despite only running for two years.

I enjoyed the show a lot but my favorite part was the theme music which was performed by Art Garunkle of Simon and Garfunkle fame. He/they were one of my favorite musical groups from the sixties.

If you ever run across the theme or the show give it a look and/or listen, you won't be sorry! Anyway, Happy Birthday to the Brooklyn Bridge! (Image is in the public domain at Wikipedia Commons)

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  1. Dear Pop Art Diva,

    No, I don't remember that show but you have awakened my curiosity. I am so behind your idea of a rerun channel that caters to boomers and our fading memories--think of the possibilities!!!

  2. Feisty Eileen - Brooklyn Bridge was a lovely little show - I actually saw a short series of reruns about a year ago on A&E or Bravo or somewhere. Too bad someone doesn't get a clue and rerun some of these little gems - sort of a "Really Good TV That The Suits Blew Off and Shouldn't Have" channel, lol.

  3. Although I didn't watch it much, I do remember "Brooklyn Bridge". I think that I might have also caught reruns of it on TV Land. I don't know if I told you, but there is a channel that does a good job of including classic TV with other programming. It's called American Life TV. I used to get it in the late 90s when it was known as Good Life TV. Unfortunately, it was dropped by my cable company. Here is the link to their site:



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