What ever happened to Doll Cakes?

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I was watching Ace of Cakes the other day and they made a cake that reminded me of those doll cakes that were so populart in the fifites. Do you remember those cakes? They were cakes where a real naked doll was placed in the middle of a cake baked to look like a skirt and when you frosted the skirt you frosted up the bodice of the dress on the doll.

Little girls in the fifties thought these were the height of birthday chic. I was not one of those little girls, I thought they were too girly and stupid, fortunately my mother never made the mistake of making one of them for me. I got chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream - still one of my favorite birthday desserts.

Anyway, I was just wondering what happened to those cakes so I googled "doll cakes" and I discovered the Doll Cake is alive and well and still sweet and sugary. Okay, I guess they're perfect for little girls who are sugar and spice and everything nice - I just was more of a snips and snails and lizard tails kinda girl.