When I started this blog my whole purpose was to revisit my past and remember some of the great things from American Culture that became iconic and achieved stature as Pop Culture. In my humble opinion, Pop Culture status is achieved over time and not just passing fancy.

Now, when I search for "pop culture" on the internet many links pop up to a blog or a site with current fads and phases and people of the moment. This is not my concept of Pop Culture.

Just because it's a fad or popular now doesn't mean it has achieved pop culture status. This is truly only achieved and recognized over time. So Mylie Cyrus aka Hannah Montana is not a pop culture icon, she is simply a pop idol of the moment. Only time will tell if she will achieve the level of "pop culture" such as past pop idols like Madonna or Cher.

So I will continue to compare the pop culture of yesterday to what is hailed as pop culture in today's world and let the future decide what is and isn't true pop culture. The interesting part for me how things morph and then morph again, sometimes to come right back full circle!

Que sera sera. Whatever.


  1. To me, pop culture doesn't have to be attained over time. Although it remains to be seen if current acts such as Hannah Montana, Stacey "Fergie" Ferguson, Soulja Boy, etc. will have staying power, I still consider them a part of pop culture.

    The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong answer in regards to what is and isn't pop culture.

  2. Pop Culture... now there's a thought! I think that whatever appeals to a generation as a whole can be considered POP Culture
    especially when it turns into nostalgia... memories of the "good ole days!"

    Love your blog, Terri!

    Have a great day... and then some,

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher
    WE magazine for Women


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