OH NO! Bell Bottoms are back????

I'm NOT WEARING THEM! Nope, you will not catch me in a pair of bell bottoms - ever again! I did my time, I paid my dues to society, I spent the better part of 15 years wearing some form of bell bottom pants. From the paisley covered, torn hem wide waders of the late sixties to the sleeked down, slightly flared styles of the late 70s, I covered the gamut of bell bottoms.

I had hip huggers that barely covered my butt and exposed my belly button, I had casual bell bottoms and formal bell bottoms for the night on the town. I even had bell bottoms on my blouse - big wide, flared sleeves that flapped in the breeze and made the sound of bat wings!

Bell bottom pants were originally the province of the navy - they were part of the uniform. Remember the little sailor on the cracker jack box? Yup, bell bottoms! How they snaked their way into my world of fashion I neither know nor care - I just refuse to give in them again. No way, no how, nuh uh!

Oh, and you can keep your platform shoes too - after 40 years my ankles are just now recovering from the damage caused by wearing those in the 70s!

I am no longer a slave to the dictates of the fashion world. I am, at 56, my own woman! Unfashionable, robed in baggy tees and jeans, wearing flip flops, comfortable and happy at last.

(The pants in the photo were worn by Janis Joplin)


  1. awww but i love bellbottoms!!

  2. I did too when I was young and had a good butt, lol!

  3. Bellbottoms...Ummmm...I think not. Especially not the FLORAL ones, not anymore.

    Hey Pop Art Diva, just found your site...Cool Art!

  4. Thanks Hope! My full website at www.popartdiva.com should be up and running next week - and any comments about the design, navigation, etc. is welcomed!!! Plus you'll see all my pop culture art and my fun and free stuff!

  5. Hey! Hope told me about your britches (wear 'em?...I can't even bring myself to say those two words anymore) and I just had to come check it out!

    LOVE your blog and your new site looks like it'll be quite the place to visit, too! How colorful, bright, cheery...that IS what we were back then, too, isn't it? Full of OUR flavor of optimism. :-)

    AND I love your sense of humor...and that you wear baggy tees, jeans (make 'em stretchy, k?), and flip flops...my favs, too.

  6. Thanks Angela - yeah, what's old is new and "hip" unless you're hips aren't so new anymore, lol.
    I'm so excited about getting the full site at www.popartdiva.com up and running! I've worked long and hard on it for months! I'm hoping it will be a fun place for people to visit and, of course, that I sell a lot of my art! BTW, the Diva Bistro section will have a chat area for us divas and I'm hoping to have a cocktail hour chat session often! So, mix up your fav cocktail and drop by for a drink and some retro music from my streaming radio station!


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