I realized lately that all this pop culture hunting has blinded me a bit to the pop culture that I'm drowning in - the blogging, YouTube-ing, MySpace-ing that's taking over the consciousness of anyone with a hi-speed internet connection.

We're watching a cultural phenonmenon happen right before our eyes - everyone has the ability to broadcast videos, write editorials, enjoy their (hopefully) 15 minutes of fame. We now have internet celebrities!!!! These people will probably be the icons of the future, along with the William Hungs (American Idol contestant - remember him?) of the world.

We are creating our own pop culture icons of the future by making regular people 15 minute stars. An interesting developement and I wonder just where it will take us. . . . .

And for your listening and viewing pleasure - Ladies & Gentlemen, Our Next Pop Culture Icon..... William Hung and "She Bangs". Hung has left the building.


  1. Fluffy12:52 PM

    Hi, was wondering if u could help. I am doing an essay. I need to chose a social icon in 3 paintings by different pop artists that represent consumer culture & awareness. Do u kno of any artists besides Warhol that painted Mickey Mouse? Otherwise, what r my other alternatives? I can´t choose Mona Lisa or Marilyn Monroe. Help! Thanks doll!

  2. Fluffy - I hope you come back to read the answer, there was no link to you on your name for me to reach you!

    If you only need 3 you can use Warhol, Floyd Gottfredson, who did a painting with Mickey Mouse called "Race for Riches", and Walt himself.

    You might also hunt down Carl Banks, who was an animator at Disney in the thirties as well.

    According to some sources, Gottfredson was responsible for drawing most of the Mickey Mouse cartoons for nearly 40 years as a Disney animator.

    BTW, did you know that Salvador Dali and Walt collaborated on a film called Destino? For reasons unknown the film was never finished or released and much of the art for the film was stolen.
    There was some talk in recent years of recreating this film though I have heard nothing of it's release.


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