American Pop Culture - Do we really have that much power?

Recently on a search for something to do with Pop Art or Pop culture I saw an article that said American Pop Culture was an evil influence. Well, isn't it nice to know we have that much influence?? This is obviously a cultural clash and we Americans have always been targets for this type of hoo-hah. I think it might be because of the richness and diversity of our culture. Because we value (the "we" I speak of here is the American people) individuality we have a largesse of individual styles. These can often translate into iconic elements of society and become Pop Culture. American Society on the whole is colorful, exuberant, and often boisterous - that does tend to get you noticed. If we are noticed, admired and emulated it is not our doing - we are just being "us" and because this is still a free country we are allowed to do that. If others choose to follow does that make us evil? Are we being "us" to have some nefarious purpose implemented in the world? No, we're just being who we are - Free, American, Individual, and Fun. Hooray for us! Now go blow your Oscar Meyer whistles up your Howdy Doodys if you don't like it! I have some classic TV to watch - I think Lucy is about to demolish a candy factory.

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